About Us

Greendot Chemicals is an independent distributor of environmentally friendly cleaning products. We are driven to innovate superior quality cleaning chemicals that have the lowest impact on our environment. We work closely with several manufacturers to formulate the best ecological cleaning products for a multitude of cleaning appliations. Through our expertise we will provide you with an economical solution using the correct "green cleaning chemicals" for your specific application.

Our vision: be green at every stage...and become one of Southern Africa's leading suppliers of ecological cleaning products.

Where Going Green Doesn't Cost You the Earth

Benefits of using our cleaning products.

Environmental: Derived from plant based ingredients our products are whollyenvironmental, readily biodegradable and packaged in 100%
recyclable packaging.

Financial Savings: 'Green' products are traditionally thought of as expensive. We offera premium product without a premium price. In most cases, our
professional advice saves money.

Health and Safety: Our aim is to reduce human and environmental risk. In many casesour products have significantly reduced risk ratings compared to the standard.

Performance: To be awarded the EU Ecolabel, our products must perform as well as or better than the five non-ecological market leaders in each class at least 85% of the time. We achieved a 92% success rate.

Ease of use: Our products are extremely easy to use and highly efficient. Using surfactant technology the cutting agents literally get underneath dirt and grime which is easily wiped clean.