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Delphis Eco Product Brochure

Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner



Our EU Ecolabel accredited glass and stainless steel cleaner leaves a sparkling, non-streaky and smear free finish. It is safe to use on ceramic surfaces, mirrors, and chrome.

  • for internal and external glass
  • for industrial and domestic use
  • can be applied in direct sunlight
  • alcohol free
  • quick drying
  • low odour
  • reduced impact on aquatic life
  • reduced use of hazardous substances
  • phosphate and phosphonate free
  • safe in septic tanks if used as directed
  • readily biodegradable
  • not tested on animals

Directions: Apply a small amount onto a damp cloth and wipe surface. For heavy cleaning spray directly onto surface, leave to stand for a few seconds and wipe clean. Try to use two separate cloths for application and polishing clean. Regular use will reduce usage and application time. Do not use on very hot surfaces.

Minimise environmental impact: Delphis Eco encourage users to reduce waste going to land fill by re-filling empty trigger bottles.

Areas of usage: Use on internal and external surfaces including:

  • windows, glass and mirrors
  • stainless steel
  • chrome
  • plastic surfaces
  • ceramic surfaces