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Delphis Eco Product Brochure

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser



Our food prep safe anti-bacterial sanitiser cleans and protects all hard surfaces. Its synergistic blend of quaternary biocides and potentiators stop the spread of harmful infection and kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

  • EN1276 and EN13697 approved under clean and dirty conditions between 2 - 10% concentration
  • EN ISO 4120 taint test safe between 4 - 8% concentration
  • EN1276, EN13697, EN ISO 4120 certification
  • 6 months shelf life post dilution
  • dual action - cleans and sanitises
  • doesn’t contain perfumes or dyes
  • easily removes heavy soil and grease
  • safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, glass, rubber
  • effective through pressure washer
  • reduced use of hazardous substances
  • phosphate and phosphonate free
  • safe in septic tanks if used as directed
  • readily biodegradable
  • not tested on animals


Deep cleaning (as advised by Food Standards Agency): Effective cleaning must use a combination of physical cleaning, using a detergent (such as Delphis Eco Washing-Up Liquid or Multi-Purpose Cleaner), followed by a disinfectant / sanitiser (Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser) used at the correct dilution and minimum 5 minute contact time. For food preparation and storage surfaces rinse with clean water after application.

Clean as you go - general cleaning: Apply directly to surface, allow 30 second contact time and wipe clean. For larger surface areas such as floors, use a mop and bucket.

Pressure washing: Use via dilution system with steam if possible.

Dilution ratios: Tested and effective, through certain applications, at a dilution ratio of up to 1:150. Dilute through 30ml dispensing unit for general cleaning.

General cleaning:  1 part concentrate to up to 25 parts  water.

Light cleaning:      1 part concentrate to up to 50 parts  water.

Heavy cleaning:    1 part concentrate to up to 10 parts  water.

Reduce costs and minimise environmental impact: Delphis Eco encourage users to reduce waste going to land fill by re-filling empty trigger bottles with Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser concentrate. Use the above dilution ratios for best results.

Areas of usage: Where infection through cross contamination is a problem:

  • food prep and storage surfaces
  • toilets, washrooms, baby changing areas
  • hospital wards and care homes